Web 2.0 Deployment v. Pilot

I guess it's not surprising in the current difficult times that companies are looking to turn their pilots into solutions.  After all part of the attraction of web 2.0 is the limited capital investment required – much of it is built on previously deployed infrastructure. 

We have deployed several web 2.0 solutions.  However the answer is, not surprisingly, shortcuts do not work.  The capital outlay (including the initial services bill) may not be significant – but enterprise solutions only succeed where the company makes the commitment in terms of promotion, support, training, determination to put web 2.0 at the centre of some/all business processes.

Pilots are very different to enterprise wide deployments.  They are there to provide a proof of concept, assist in marketing change in the organisation, figure out the detail of what will be required.  But a pilot does not an enterprise solution make.  Enterprise wide solutions, which aim to be critical to a business, need to be planned, configured, integrated, deployed, supported like enterprise solutions.

Sorry – the shortcuts don't work.  That is not to say that clever planning, the right applications, etc cannot lead to faster, more effective deployment.  But the hard work still has to be done.

Michael Indonopulos makes the point well in his recent blog.  McKinsey's recent review of 50 web 2.0 deployments echoes all of this.  I would support both sets of analysis.

Author: Barry OGorman

Barry O'Gorman is an independent business and IT consultant, based in Dublin, Ireland.

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