Wasting or burning time with technology

As one of those curious about new applications and how things work I often wonder how much time I burn trying to figure things out.  And how much of our time is now used up by self service type support offerings.  If you want to be at the front (even if not quite the bleeding edge) you accept burning time.

Two recent examples.  My daughter’s Dell Inspiron – the touchpad was not working.  Downloaded the relevant diagnositcs from Dell, ran them, checked that most current drives etc loaded.  Eventually contacted Dell.  There is, unbelievably, a ‘;swithc-off the touchpad’ button right of the F11/F12 key.  Would not have solved this in a month of sundays.  There’s a good hour gone!

Trying to upload photos from my Samsung S-II to Picassa.  Have two accounts on the phone – one goole apps, one g-mail.  Well recognised and reported issue.  Spent, maybe, 30 mins reading the support threads.  Downloaded another tool (Picassa Tool) – provided a workable solution – althoughthe issue is still there.  Another hour gone.  And it continues.

Not to mention the various applications I have researched for my android, downloaded, tested and used or dropped.  No free lunch – you may get the efficiencies but you burn lots of time finding the solutions that really add value.  And none of that includes time spent watching programs such as Leo Laporte’s www.twit.tv, etc., reading blogs, etc.

Lot of time, every week – for how many million people?


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Author: Barry OGorman

Barry O'Gorman is an independent business and IT consultant, based in Dublin, Ireland.

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