Traditional media being used to promote tour holidays

Tour operators are using online advertising but still put great store on the traditional brochure.

I see I am now regularly targeted online for specialist holidays aligned with my sports interests – as detailed in my various online presences.  Was interested to read today’s piece in the Irish Times coinciding with the launching of the tour operators‘ brochures for 2011.  Clearly a great deal of marketing spend still goes into the prep and publication of the annual brochure (and these have been upgraded significantly over the years).

I suppose one of the key points is that whether you provide online or hard copy data to potential customers you still have to do the same spade work: property descriptions, photos, stories, pricing.  So,having completed that, the operators still believe that plenty of hard copy is required by the potential buyers.

Interesting comment about difficulty of tracking back on Google search sourced calls: With all her advertisements, Airey uses different phone numbers so she can track the responses. “The one thing we can’t track is if someone sees or hears our ad, then Googles our website and then calls the number on our site. A huge number of calls come from our website, but the problem is we don’t know how that person got to our website. Sunway has to become a household name, and advertising creates that brand awareness.”

Might be interesting to see whether HeyStaks can establish itself as a platform used by many people researching holidays?  Perhaps it will be of greater service to those researching the non packaged option?

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