Tagging and web 3.0

…using faviki (www.faviki.com) rather than del.icio.us …

I have been using faviki (www.faviki.com) rather than del.icio.us for last 10 days or so.  Just read a luke warm review of ‘zigtag’ – another effort at helping us understand each other tags.   Interesting argument – have we just become fed up of the whole ‘tagging thing’?

I suppose it takes me back to the basic discussion with anyone implementing any document management type solution – it’s a balance between the effort you put in when loading/ storing/ categorising/ tagging the documents and the benefits you gain when searching/ retrieving/ sharing the documents.

Would be interested to hear how people have done using either of these semantic web type tagging options.

Reading the news online

I have restricted myself to reading the news online

Over the last few weeks I have restricted myself to reading the news online (as against print copy).  On a Sunday I typically scan the following online: Sunday Independent, Sunday Times (Ireland edition), Sunday Tribune and Sunday Business Post (not available until later).  Many attractions include: free, no pile of paper to get rid of, easy to index anything of interest (using www.faviki.com), easy to search for what’s of interest.  So what are the disadvantages? – reading on my computer screen is a strain, reading at a laptop in the lounge area seems less sociable that actually flicking through newspapers where you can handon the paper to someone else in the room.  There is also a perception (for others and for myself) that because I work in the information systems sector when I am using a computer (even to read the news) I am working.

To some extent reading the news online faciliates greater social newtorking (tagging, indexing, etc) but impacts negatively on the immediate social network – the people with whom you live.