University education in the age of web 2.0 and 3.0

Happiest days of my life.  Very fortunate to have attended Trinity College Dublin in the early 80’s.  Computer engineering – learning to program assembler for the Motorola 68000, learning fluid mechanics.  Friends, fun, social development, cricket, rugby, chess, campus in the city centre.  Developing wider interests.

But what opportunities there are now for everyone in terms of learning and collaboration!  No reason why an undergraduate in TCD would not be collaborating on a first year project with others located all over the world (e.g. students in other universities, people in industry).  Time and location no longer the boundaries they were in the past.

Fascinating book published on future of learning: The future of learning institutions in a digital age

The book sets out challenges for universities in terms of enabling and encouraging participatory learning.  These challenges also present fantastic opportunites for the go ahead insitutions.

Interesting to consider the content in terms of how learning and knowledge management take place in companies and organisations.  I referenced concerns of business leaders recently – much the same: missing the opportunity and failing to move to the more participatory and less hierarchical thinking.

The case for collaboration – Irish universities

The recently announced collaborative efforts between Trinity College and University College Dublin were announced in the context of creating new, sustainable jobs.  Clearly caught the attention of the other universities – given their more recent announcement of collaboration.   These collaborative efforts seem to include attempts to find cost savings/ efficiencies through sharing of backoffice resources.

Collaboration both within the enterprise and across the globe must be key for Irish universities.  These types of initiative are making the news – but should be seen as ‘meat and drink’ to leading learning organisations.

Looking forward to the fruits of third level collaboration.