Open Source on an upward trend

Open source is gaining traction

Accenture’s recent report would indicate very positive developments for Open Source solutions. Interesting commentary recently in Silicon Republic

The article attributes the trend to a number of developments – including growing confidence in the sector. I think this general trend ties in with the cloud, people’s own experience of using a range of open sourced tools and generally questioning the ability of large software enterprises to go it alone and develop better applications that those sourced and developed in an open market. The debate is most definitely moving on from a pure cost saving one – which has always been debatable.

data management – professional and amateurs

data management now a challenge for everyone

[facebook_ilike] As we upload more videos and photographs from our vacations to our pcs and/or various cloud based services I am reminded of the ever increasing challenges re data. My own perspective has been very much on semantic technologies and solutuions – ways to remove ambiguity in data on the web (and within the enterprise) in order to enable people to leverage the data more effectively and efficiently.

As individuals we are all becoming more knowledgeable and proficient in data management – no choice when it is all digital anyway. And sites such as facebook, google/ picassa, flickr have taught us all to tag photos and/or content. We are learning how to share data, consolidate records, add social content.

When contact me suggesting I may want to print and album some photos I am considering this in the context of the thousands of photos I may now take in any year (from a range of devices).

Interesting piece yesterday arising from the recent purchase of 3Par. On a global level the data management challenge and opportunity is racing ahead. And we are seeing valuations emerge which support this.

Google now being zoned in on re privacy

This privacy and security debate has a long way to run. Facebook have certainly made their own blunders. Now it seems Google has been attracting negative press – both through its offerings and the words of its CEO. The billboard is just another manifestation of people’s deep distrust of any Big Brother activity.

Semantic web research in Ireland

Semantic web awards for DERI

Congratulations to the team at DERI (based in Galway, Ireland) on their collection of awards at the recent International Semantic Web Conference.

Important to recognise the role being played by Ireland in this emerging field.

Reducing your printing

Cutting down on printing

The green agenda is everyone’s agenda.  Reading in Friday’s Irish Times paper about HP’s effort to up the recycling content in its cartridges reminds me of how much I have been able to reduce my own printing output in the last number of months.

I have become completely fed up with the idea of receiving a document or a link to a document, downloading it from mail or the internet, printing it out, reading it and binning it or having to find a home for it.  Apart from the obvious waste (ink, paper) the inefficiency and delays in all of this have been annoying me.

In the last number of months I have deliberately tried to review more documents online and capture my thoughts re the documents online.  I have used products such as Posterous and Google’s side wiki to comment where I want to do so publicly, I have kept notes using products including EverNote.  I have added research links and documents to Zotero.  I also use Google Reader and this blog.

My professional training with a large accounting firm provided me with a disciplined approach for reviewing documents, marking up comments, reviewing revised drafts.  In the 80’s this was a paper based exercise.  I have found now working with various word processing packages all of this can be done more effectively online – so long as you know how to use the product and the various features designed to track and report changes.

I have often heard people comment that ‘I can’t review this without printing it out’.  I, for one, have changed my view on this.  Now I generally  prefer to review documents online.  I do think however that those creating documents for review may want to think through their approach to facilitate online review.

So while I would welcome initiatives by companies such as HP to up the green factor in their products I suspect the real way forward is to reduce the volume of printing.  Anyway, if you want to run your business in the cloud then there seems very little sense in carrying around mountains of paper.