RSI and the Cloud

Repetitive Strain Injury

Have been struggling myself for the last number of weeks with onset of Repetitive Strain Injuries (associated with prolonged use of keyboards).  I see Karlin Lillington writing on the subject in today’s Irish Times – I can identify with her actual experience.

I have experimented with a number of steps in my office environment to address the issue – in terms of monitor, mouse, keyboard, height of screen.  And this has made a difference. However I almost need to take my office environment with me!  The benefit of the cloud to me has been that I can keep whatever I am working on somewhere in the cloud.  Therefore I can work from anywhere so long as I have internet access.  This includes using my own laptop, other PCs at home or at client sites, using a mobile device on public transport (to check mail), etc.

Obviously  not practical to bring the perfect ergonomic environment with me.  But what I must do – and try to do – is to think sensibly about the type of activity I am happy to engage in – given the particular ergonomic environment.  It’s a matter of common sense – avoid the heavy duty lifting when you don’t have the right equipment.