RSI and the Cloud

Repetitive Strain Injury

Have been struggling myself for the last number of weeks with onset of Repetitive Strain Injuries (associated with prolonged use of keyboards).  I see Karlin Lillington writing on the subject in today’s Irish Times – I can identify with her actual experience.

I have experimented with a number of steps in my office environment to address the issue – in terms of monitor, mouse, keyboard, height of screen.  And this has made a difference. However I almost need to take my office environment with me!  The benefit of the cloud to me has been that I can keep whatever I am working on somewhere in the cloud.  Therefore I can work from anywhere so long as I have internet access.  This includes using my own laptop, other PCs at home or at client sites, using a mobile device on public transport (to check mail), etc.

Obviously  not practical to bring the perfect ergonomic environment with me.  But what I must do – and try to do – is to think sensibly about the type of activity I am happy to engage in – given the particular ergonomic environment.  It’s a matter of common sense – avoid the heavy duty lifting when you don’t have the right equipment.

first the newspaper industry, now the book industry?

This is going to drive more change in the book industry -regardless of any revenue sharing models.

The developments in copyright and online books are well decribed in last week’s Irish Times by Karlin Lillington.  We seem to be well down the road towards having access to all books in online format via Google – except where authors specifically exclude their books from being available online.

Perhaps this is a good thing – and will increase global learning?

Seems to me that this is destined to change, forever, the book and publishing industry.  Online book shops – e.g. Amazon – have already had a major impact on the industry e.g. on local bookshops.

I have commented previously on the challenges faced by the newspaper industry.  This is going to drive more change in the book industry -regardless of any revenue sharing models.