Distinguishing Web 3.0, Semantic web and Data Linking

I had commented some time ago on the differences/ advances between web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0.

Earlier this month Greg Boutin published an excellent series of three postings in which he has looked at web 3,0, semantinc web and data linking in consdierable detail – in an attempt to ensure that we have a common understanding (ie get the semantics right).  His postings alos cross reference to some of his own previous postings and an excellent TED talk by Kevin Kelly.

Kelly talks about the interent becoming the ‘One’ computer – and therefore topics such as ubiquity, transparency, personalisation and globalisation.  It is a fascinating look into the future – and challenges us all to think about how we would interact with this large ‘organism’ or system.

Boutin is also very much up for the challenge and the opportunity.  However he is relatively cautious in his assessment of the situation in his third posting.  While not doubting Berners Lee, he does seem to suggest that the hype may be a little ahead of the reality – as evidenced by the lack of commercial applications exploiting linked data (there being a shortage of linked data).