High Output Management – Andrew S. Grove

One of the best business books I’ve read in a long time.  Short book, common sense and to the point.  Written by Andrew Grove former CEO of Intel.

I would challenge anyone to review their own workplace, their own work practices using some of Grove’s ideas.

Liked the simple idea on the manager’s preparation for decision making:

  1. What decision needs to be made?

    English: Portrait of Andrew Grove.
    English: Portrait of Andrew Grove. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  2. When does it have to be made?
  3. Who will decide?
  4. Who will need to be consulted prior to making the decision?
  5. Who will ratify or veto the dcision
  6. Who will need to be informed of the decision?
Pity it does not happen more often.
On meetings I think he is right: two types.  Are we talking of a process oriented meeting (one-on-one, staff meetings, operations reviews) or a mission-oriented meeting?
The discussion of hybrid organisations and dual reporting is straightforward and recognises the reality of how many businesses need to be structured.
Liked the honesty of his section on performance appraisal. And his clarity on the importance of this process, the need for preparation and the rationale for the process in the first instance.
Not sure I fully agreed with him on his views on trying to retain people who say they are going to leave.
Finally – he is very clear on the manager’s role and responsibility for training – including preparation and delivery of training. I would see this as a major failing with many managers in industry.  And a major missed opportunity.



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