Linked open data – the newspapers getting on board

New York Times announced last week that it will provide data marked up using RDF (Resource Definition Framework).

Why is this important?

This makes the data more useful.  You can now cross reference/ correlate the NY Times information with other information available on the web e.g. DBPedia (The RDF format of Wikipedia).  You can also develop applications which can access/ process/ interpret the NY Times data – because it is provided in RDF format.

Interesting development – and makes sense of the Linked Open Data initiative.  The NY Times is embracing RDF – to some extent it is giving away its data, but on the other hand its own data is far more valuable because it can easily be combined with other (RDF’d) data.

Quite a challenge to all organisations – especially those generating significant content – who are failing to have their data leveraged properly because it sits in its own silo.

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