leaving Ecademy

Leaving Ecademy

I have recently left the network, Ecademy.  I did not find it in any way useful

I had been a member of Ecademy for some time.  Foolishly I had loaded a contact list at some point to determine which members of the contact list were also members of Ecademy.   Recently, after a period of inactivity in Ecademy, individuals on that contact list was mailshotted by Ecademy, on my behalf, inviting them to become members.

I do not have the time to determine whether Ecademy was entitled to do this.  It has certainly been a nuisance for all those mailshotted and for me.

Best reference I have come cross is this web post explaining how to delete your Ecademy account.

Author: Barry OGorman

Barry O'Gorman is an independent business and IT consultant, based in Dublin, Ireland.

One thought on “leaving Ecademy”

  1. Barry

    In answer to your question about whether ecadamy could do what they did, as they are a UK based company EU Data protection rules apply to them.

    A quick review of their Privacy policy and terms and conditions throws up no scenario where by they can email people ostensibly on your behalf. Interestingly their terms and conditions are very explicit about how you can use their service to email people using the platform or via “invitations”.

    So, in short… you voted with your feet but it would appear their actions in processing personal data for a purpose which was not specified and for which consent or a lawful reason can by idenfitied might constitute a breach of Data Protection regulations.

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