Ireland and linked open data

Let’s promote greater transparency and accountability by publishing more data in useful formats

What is the timeline for the Irish government in terms of linked open data? When you read newspapers full of stories about TD expenses, FAS waste, the objectives of An Board Snip – surely publishing data in meaningful, useful formats is part of the way forward. And it must be just one element of being a smart economy. And promoting a level of transparency (and accountability) which we crave as a society.

When I read pieces like Government Should Do its Own Data Homework by Jeni Tennison it just reminds me of the progress we need to make here in Ireland. And we have the expertise – in the IT community and, in particular, in DERI.

Perhaps there is an initiative – but I do not remember reading anything about a timeline.

Author: Barry OGorman

Barry O'Gorman is an independent business and IT consultant, based in Dublin, Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Ireland and linked open data”

  1. Its a long haul, and Jenny Tennison is trying hard. I fear its a long long hard slog.

    For Ireland – how about this – imagine mechanising the process involved with NLP, extraction, gazeterring, vocabalaries and combine that with the rich talent in this country with i18n etc and there you have a real smart economy built on actual work for those not actually high-scientists. With that Ireland could really take a lead. Time to persuade politicians and the universities and entrepreneurs that theres a real opportunity to innovate around this.

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