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Interesting to read the internet use statistics (2017) mon the Central Statistics Office site.

Some of the spread is use not that surprising e.g. by location or by age group.  So, as would expect, greater use of the internet by younger groups, more use of the internet for leisure purposes e.g. social media by younger groups.  But interesting to see how the internet has penetrate all age groups as a source of information on goods and services.

The statistics seem to suggest that there are still 11% of households not making regular use of the internet.  And would be inclined to think this is putting that group of households at a serious disadvantage: in terms of accessing best prices, researching options and generally not having a valuable channel of communications open to them.

cloud storage 2015 to 2017

cloud storage

I am curious at the relatively low level of use of cloud storage by internet users.  Curious as to reasons for this – cost, privacy concerns, lack of knowledge of options available?  Would have expected that more people would be using cloud storage for photographs, video, music – whatever about storing documents.

individual e-skills

The most interesting information related to the comparison information on e- skills – looking to see what type of activity was being undertaken by different users.  In this we can clearly see that while older people have taken to using the internet (accessing information, booking travel, online banking) the use of various software applictions and tools is much more of a young person’s game e.g editing photos, videos.  That said the number of young people programming seems very low – with programming code undertaken by 13% of students.  I think if we aspire to playing a leading role in this global economy we should be seeing that 80% of students have some level of programming experience.  But this would require a new subject and resources in the secondary school curriculum and will not happen overnight.

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