Explaining the opportunity to business managers

It’s not a challenge to be underestimated. Those of us who blog on a regular basis, interact with various social networking sites, etc., are well used to the terminology. But the ‘is it a blog, is it a wiki?’, ‘what’s the difference’ type questions are there in the minds of many. Blogs, wikis, tagging – a great opportunity if, for a start, someone can explain it to you.

Author: Barry OGorman

Barry O'Gorman is an independent business and IT consultant, based in Dublin, Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Explaining the opportunity to business managers”

  1. It is an interesting issue.
    Most of the companies have some sort of information silos eg. CRM, websites, folder with MS Word produced minutes, another folder with documentation of processes or just a simple shelf with paper notes. It is impossible to find a complete information in only one source. The struggle starts when you try to search across all those repositories. Then you realize that your way of storing information has become overcomplicated and too difficult to use to remain practical.
    I have been myself many times in such situation. Many times I have realized that the easiest way to take notes is to use a ruled paper and my fountain pen. However it is unpractical to try to find something across a few moths of paper based notes.
    And this is when wiki come to help – you can just type, link and search after. All in one place, all in the simplest possible form. The only problem for me is to be able to have my laptop with me everywhere.
    The question remain how to explain benefits to managers – maybe just ask them to find information about something what happened 6 months ago.

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