Do not track me

Google signing up to ‘do not track me’

Well, looks like public concerns about being tracked, spied on and reported on are beginning to have some impact.

The IT industry is obviously hugely powerful and influential – but people are less and less comfortbale about what is going on.

I have read a lot of stuff suggesting that the f generation are happy to share lots more information – that effectively they are not worried about privacy.  Seems like a lot of tosh to me – given how offended many young people are when casual snaps of them are posted on social networks such as facebook.  Of course it suits MZ to push the line that none of this is an issue – the fact is that it is an issue.

Excellent piece from the Wall Street Journal updating on developments with the large technology companies.  Looks like Google on board to play ball.




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Author: Barry OGorman

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