GAA backdoor alive and well

Watched two ‘backdoor’ games this afternoon.  Tipperary hurlers were very relived to run out tow point winners over Clare.  Both are fine hurling teams – although netiher playing particularly well today.  But we got a great contest with Clare coming back from several points behind, only to have Tipp score a couple of points to close out the game in the last three or four minutes.  After that watched a thriller football match between Mayo and Cork.  Cork have been poor until today.  They same back strongly in the second half of today’s game against Mao – forcing the match into extra time (after scoring two goals to close the deficit). Extra time was very close – and probably Mayo’s experience saw them through by one point.

So, because of the backdoor, these teams had an extended season and improved by having additional competitive games.  And I believe Tipp will be strong competition for anyone in a semifinal while Mayo have again availed of the backdoor route to prepare them for what should be an excellemnt quarterfinal against the winners of Rocommon and Kerry.