Ongoing challenges for traditional retail businesses

Today we read about appointment of Deloitte as administrator to HMV.  As I see my kids charging my credit card, again, last night for downloading songs to their ipods.

This is the reality.  My kids do not need to go to a HMV store to buy music.  In fact over Christmas we were in a HMV store looking for ipod covers and we could not find what we wanted.  Got online the same day and ordered them from Amazon.

And how many people received or gave Amazon (and the like) vouchers over Christmas?

Our own newspapers this weekend featured more articles about the challenges facing retailers in terms of upward only rental reviews in Ireland. There are lots of challenges – including the economy.

Notwithstanding this I think book shops can still  be attractive – with the risk that at all times the buyer is aware of the best on-line price.  Would not claim to be a retailing expert but not sure that the current HMV store in Grafton Street, Dublin,  presents a very attractive buying experience (it needs to be something different and more attractive than the online experience).




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Online shopping – some still don’t smell the coffee

Depressing piece about ‘BestBuy‘ on Forbes online.

Some years ago did some work looking at a bookshop and the unfolding challenge from Amazon.  The book shop has since folded.

This Christmas received a voucher for Amazon at a Kris Kindle party one week before Christmas.  From my smartphone entered the voucher against my account, ordered the books from my Wish List, showed this to the person giving me the voucher, received the books three days later.

Larry Downes gets it right in his piece about Bestbuy.  The consumer just takes these new technologies/ solutions/ buying experiences on board.  The retailer who fails to move with the times just folds.