Another positive for social networks

Like many others I struggle to get out and take exercise on a regular basis. I have many false starts (or false dawns). May target to walk four times a week – or run twice a week; generally do well for a week or two, then let it slip (early morning meeting, bad weather, travelling for work, any excuse will do…).

Was thinking about some application which would (1) assist me in tracking my efforts and (2) put me in touch with similar ‘athletes’ or ‘would be athletes’.

And then, via a contact on facebook, I come across dailymile

Have to say – looks like a close fit to what I think I need. Some nice features including (1) setting out routes and measuring them and (2) summary analytics.

Will report back after a few weeks of use of the site – looking to use this social network (connected to facebook and twitter) to assist me in becoming more healthy.

3 Replies to “Another positive for social networks”

  1. Also is a good site though I must admit the time spent planning is too large compared with time executed

  2. I’m also looking at taking some exercise and something like this sounds useful. How did it work out? Is the mental issue of getting up and doing it made any easier?


  3. Have found dailymile easy to use and a positive motivation in terms of taking exercise (so far!). I think many of us who have previously played team sport can benefit from using this type of tool to track what we have achieved. The community side of the application is also worthwhile.

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