Senator David Norris, The Ormond Hotel and James Joyce

Just had the good fortune to hear Senator David Norris interviewed on the lunch times news (RTE) on the subject of Dublin City Council’s decision to turn down an application to build a new hotel (6 floors) on the site of the Ormond Hotel.

Senator Norris was in top form and brought Ulysses to life for all those listening in.  He explained how Joyce used language to capture music – the first page and a half of this section of Ulysses being a passage to describe an orchestra warming up.  He gave a great account of the Sirens Bar and the temptresses and the weak men.  He even sang a song for us (the first few bars of M’Appari).

Senator Norris is of the view that the Ormond Hotel should be developed as a hotel – but in keeping with the hotel of Joycean times.  He was funny in commenting on football club owners having lots of money and also mentioned his preference that the developer would not be a Russian oligarch.

What an excellent news item.  Hope , like Senator Norris, that a commercially acceptable, Joyce sensitive, way can be found to restore the hotel and bring to life the atmosphere enjoyed by Joyce, his father and various others – including he sirens’ bar.