Consolidation of stacks

Interesting discussion between Bradley Horowitz and Tim O’Reilly re Google+.  Tim O’Reilly makes interesting point about an apparent consolidation in the industry along certain stacks e.g. Apple, Google and Microsoft.  He quotes his own preference for using an Android phone because it integrates more effectively with the google calendar.  This has been my own experience also – though as an external consultant do find myself needing to work across more than one stack – depending on client preferences.


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Apple – testing succession planning

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Steve Jobs has been the icon in terms of the IT industry over the last 25 years.  Apple was built, rescued and transformed by Steve Jobs.  Apple has transformed the industry.  In the last number of years Jobs has battled serious illness, continued to drive the company forward and developed and implemented succession plans.

As external business advisors we spend a significant amount of time talking about ‘competitive edge‘, strategy, succession planning, talent pool, etc.  Clearly Apple has a real talent pool and has planned for succession.  The real question is how much of the competitive edge was actually Steve Jobs.  His innovative mindset, his emphasis on design, his demands around quality, his show.

It will be interesting to watch this play out.  No doubting the talent of his successor, Tim Cook.  Apple will be different.  This does not preclude Apple being even more successful.  But, to date, this has been a company very much focused on delivering the Jobs magic.  The test of the succession planning is the continued development of the magic.

Good piece in the FT editorial.




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uploading video from my android phone to youtube

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Experienced a great deal of frustration with this, initially.  Would have expected uploading video from a phone running a google operating system to a google owned video site would be straightforward.  Unfortunately experienced quite a lot of frustration.

The key to resolving this issue appears to have been:

While in the YouTube application on the adnroid log out.  Then add an account – not your gmail account but your YouTube account (i.e. exclude any ‘  After that all seemed to work perfectly.

Found the relevant advice/ guidance eventually through one of the threaded discussions on google.




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Wasting or burning time with technology

As one of those curious about new applications and how things work I often wonder how much time I burn trying to figure things out.  And how much of our time is now used up by self service type support offerings.  If you want to be at the front (even if not quite the bleeding edge) you accept burning time.

Two recent examples.  My daughter’s Dell Inspiron – the touchpad was not working.  Downloaded the relevant diagnositcs from Dell, ran them, checked that most current drives etc loaded.  Eventually contacted Dell.  There is, unbelievably, a ‘;swithc-off the touchpad’ button right of the F11/F12 key.  Would not have solved this in a month of sundays.  There’s a good hour gone!

Trying to upload photos from my Samsung S-II to Picassa.  Have two accounts on the phone – one goole apps, one g-mail.  Well recognised and reported issue.  Spent, maybe, 30 mins reading the support threads.  Downloaded another tool (Picassa Tool) – provided a workable solution – althoughthe issue is still there.  Another hour gone.  And it continues.

Not to mention the various applications I have researched for my android, downloaded, tested and used or dropped.  No free lunch – you may get the efficiencies but you burn lots of time finding the solutions that really add value.  And none of that includes time spent watching programs such as Leo Laporte’s, etc., reading blogs, etc.

Lot of time, every week – for how many million people?


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Why is google+ important to google?

Interesting analysis on use of social network id’s to log into other sites.

So perhaps, in spite of much of the inane rubbish posted on social networking sites, these same sites are going to win out because they have become the holders of profiles we use for identifying ourselves across the web.  The analysis is interesting in that it shows that Facebook leads the way – another reason that google needs to win with google+.


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