Social networking in the corporation

Great piece in today’s Irish Times – interview with Lucian Tarnowski.

I’ve been committed to the social networking paradigm for the last three years – because I do not believe I can stay in touch with the innovators and the new thinkers in any other effective way. Social networking is part of the way we work – in particular how generation Y works.

Tarnowski has demonstrated a clear understanding of the paradigm and has now developed a business around this. He’s one of many.

I would strongly recommend to corporates who are not embracing the technology to get on board – if you want to be relevant for new recruits. Why should people use products like facebook and twitter to organise their own lives and then come to work to be locked down in a traditional ERP solution? It’s not the fault of the ERP solutions or vendors – there are plenty of ways to integrate. But I would suggest that many of those in middle on senior management now need to get involved in a two way process – learning from the new joiners may be every bit as important as what they learn from the veterans. Challenging but the way forward.

Another positive for social networks

Like many others I struggle to get out and take exercise on a regular basis. I have many false starts (or false dawns). May target to walk four times a week – or run twice a week; generally do well for a week or two, then let it slip (early morning meeting, bad weather, travelling for work, any excuse will do…).

Was thinking about some application which would (1) assist me in tracking my efforts and (2) put me in touch with similar ‘athletes’ or ‘would be athletes’.

And then, via a contact on facebook, I come across dailymile

Have to say – looks like a close fit to what I think I need. Some nice features including (1) setting out routes and measuring them and (2) summary analytics.

Will report back after a few weeks of use of the site – looking to use this social network (connected to facebook and twitter) to assist me in becoming more healthy.

Facebook and semantics

It’s already been quite a year on the semantic web front.  Clearly RDFa is a big winner.  And just when we thought we were getting a handle on the standards and protocols now we have RIF to learn.

When you see facebook adopting a version of RDFa then you can assume you are onto something.  And now we’ve seen this.

Web is now critical to running the world

Excellent piece by James Hendler.  Would be difficult to argue with: ‘the Web continues to increase in its importance to society and to science, and we now realize that the Web is a critical infrastructure on which we as a society, and a world, fundamentally rely’.

On the downside mentions some negatives e.g.’ to radically redefine individual privacy, and to expose our children to unprecedented levels of violence and pornography – disincentives to innovation’.

Have to say as someone who grew up in a time of far less surveillance this does worry me a lot for the kids of today.  Many’s the stupid things that we did when we were growing up – which were better not being video’d and posted to the world.  To be honest the prevalence of digital cameras and similar devices are probably more of the problem than the web itself.  But I’m not sure hor w this will work itself out – potentially a nightmare version of Orwell’s 1984 is playing itself out – where Big Brother is now a combination of ‘citizens’ snooping on people and the web as Big Brother processing and forwarding the data.