Linkedin looking a bit staid?

Have recently signed up to new newish sites:


I have been a committed user of linked in for the last couple of years – as evidenced by approx. 600 connections.

I have to say I think there is plenty of room in the market for either worky or weedle to make a real impression. Linkedin did a good job of establishing a ‘serious’ social network – targeting business users. However I think both weedle and worky, incoming later to the market, are doing a superior job in being truer examples of social networking.

My initial impression is that the worky model is easier to understand. But perhaps weedle is something different.

Just shows you – cannot stand still in this market place.

What do we learn from successful web entrepreneurs?

Attended Paddy Cosgrave’s Web Summit last night in Dublin. Great turnout – about 500 people attended the event – held in the excellent new premises of the Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

Of course it was interesting to hear from those who founded Hostelworld, Bebo and Xing – amongst others. And there were a number of other interesting presentations – including the VC presenters. Even Mark Little reflecting on his first 6 months as an entrepreneur.

Ray Nolan was frank and to the point, a little irreverend and generally quite entertaining.

But did the audience learn much from the evening?

In some respects am left comparing the event with some of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce events – in which a bell rings and you are expected to talk to someone for 5 minutes about your business. I think this format could be used very effectively in the breakout sessions – in the sense that it would require each person to chat with 4/5 other entrepreneurs. In many respects I think these exchanges are more valuable than listening to presentations by those who have done it.

None of this is to knock the events. As Mark Mortell observed it is a very positive place to spend a number of hours – in the company of fellow entrepreneurs. Paddy has succeeded in attracting a number of interesting presenters from Ireland and overseas. WordPress, Craigslist and Realex at summit No. 1; Hostelworld, Bebo and Xing at summit No. 2.

Would recommend Summit No. 3 to anyone who has not attended to date.