Using up your online ‘cred’

I think Microsoft have done a nice job in their upgrades/ fixes to Live.  However I think they face major challenges in trying to establish significant presence as a 'social network' partner.  My own experience to date has been that having an established presence with Linkedin, Facebook and Plaxo – people do not want to hear from me suggesting they subscribe to another presence.  Presumably, like me, they are inundated with invitations to subscribe to sites.

What's in azure right now?

Attended great presentation by David Chappell at Microsoft in Dublin this morning.  Fascinating comparison of the offerings from SalesForce, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.  Interesting explanation of Microsoft's focus on providing a platform in this version of Azure to enable us to build the next 'Facebook'. 

Explained why cannot migrate classic enterprise applications to this Azure platform.  The Azure platform uses hierarchical database structures (scalable) – not relational database as would be required to support MSQ SQL Server based applications.

Interesting discussion about the difficulties of naming new Microsoft products/ solutions.

web 3.0

In his recent post Neil Robinson provided an excellent commentary on the development through web 1.0 to web 2.0 to web 3.0.  While I have often simplified 2.0 as against 1.0 by describing 2.0 as 'read/write web' Neil more correctly points out the change in the role of the server in 2.0.  His description of 3.0 – the internet processing constantly as we interact with it, moves us on significantly.  Excellent short post.